NATURE'S FIRST BEAUTY BAR is an exciting innovative development in the spa industry - completely cusomizable natural skin care!
When we say "natural", what we mean is whole foods - dried, distilled, fermented and FRESH whole fruits, vegetables and plant extracts that are packed with nutrition, colour and healthy antioxidants.  In fact these products are so fresh and healthy that you can eat them!  (Though we don't recommend them as a complete diet!)
Experience vibrant beauty, and the best skin of your life.  
We have a delicious menu, and we can also create something custom just for you.  Work with us to find the optimum and most delicious product combination to suit your need! Choose your own exfoliant, antioxidant, fruit, vegetable, clay & special active ingredients.
Base products are masterful formulations by our herbalist and spa design team.  Every product is customizable - Don't worry - there will be lots of advice along the way. 
  • This is fresh skin care - NO SYNTHETIC PRESERVATIVES, EDIBLE IN FACT! 
  • This is potent skin care - FRESH & ALIVE, LIVE NATURAL ENZYMES
  • This is beautiful skin care - COLOURFUL, AROMATIC & TOUCHABLE
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                                                                K. Van Dyck